Barcelona legend Xavi talks possible destinations as he reveals Premier League management ambition

It seems pretty standard that any former Barcelona great will be linked with the Nou Camp hot seat as they embark on their managerial careers. The thing is, only one can take that job at any given time so obviously they need to consider other options.

Xavi is currently managing Al-Sadd in Qatar, but he openly spoke about his desire to return to Barcelona in an interview with Sky Sports, but he also sounds like he might be open to a job in the Premier League too.

Xavi said: “I don’t hide it, my goal is to return to Europe and return to Barca, it is my challenge ahead, but I’m still learning in this project and I’m also enjoying it.”

He went on to discuss the possibility of the Premier League: “That is my goal, but obviously, who doesn’t like the Premier League? The football atmosphere, the packed stadiums and the people who play in the Premier League say it’s extraordinary.Obviously if I had to choose, I would choose a big team, [Manchester] City or United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham.”

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Of course that sort of statement is probably just a bit of lip service to to the English based media he was speaking to, but it’s intersting when you consider a lot of big Premier League jobs could become available soon.

Something doesn’t seem right at Spurs and Man United, despite the managers being popular you wouldn’t be shocked to see them move on. Additionally Unai Emery doesn’t seem to be the most secure manager in the league right now.

Xavi Hernandez FC Barcelona

A possible future Barcelona manager

The Qatari league isn’t particularly widely watched so it’s hard to get a gauge on his preferred playing style, but you imagine it would be similar to the possession based system he excelled in during his playing career.

It’s hard to see a big club take a punt on him apart from Barcelona, but it’s an interesting name to look out for when any jobs become available.



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