Fifa forced to intervene as Cardiff continue to refuse to make Emiliano Sala payment

On a human level this is still the most heart-breakingly awful news story from the world of football in recent years. Emiliano Sala was loved by his family and supporters and we all know how he lost his life under terrible and preventable circumstances.

When the news of his disappearance first emerged, there was always an uneasy feeling that Cardiff were trying to figure out how long they needed to leave things before they brought up the idea that they wouldn’t be paying his transfer fee.

Realistically it’s just money, families have lost loved ones and lives have been completely ruined when Sala and his pilot died in the plane crash. You hoped that the clubs would be honorable about the business side of things and act with dignity.

Clearly that isn’t the case, after a report from L’Equipe stated FIFA were being forced to intervene after Cardiff refused to pay the €17m transfer fee for the Argentine striker.

Emiliano Sala

The report suggests there will be some sort of progress or decision over the next few days, but it doesn’t give an indication of what way they are expected to judge.

It goes on to say that if the clubs don’t agree with that decision, then it’s likely the case will be taken to the Court of arbitration for Sport.


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