Manchester United board baffle fans by declaring blinding obvious transfer strategy

Running the recruitment side of a football team should be wonderfully simple, work out a style of play and a tactical system, then identify players you feel will fit into that system and who will improve the overall squad.

This obviously hasn’t been the case at Man United where they’ve thrown millions around while going through managers and showing no obvious playing identity. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks like he’s trying to change that, but it will take a long time to undo years of bad recruitment.

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It turns out United fans have no reason to worry, because the board have come up with the answer.

According to a report in The Evening Standard, Man United will not be basing their future transfer dealings based on “commerical appeal”. Suddenly a lot of their transfer activity over recent years starts to make sense.

The report suggests a typical example of signing someone based on commercial appeal was Alexis Sanchez, who was utterly awful before escaping to Inter Milan this Summer.


Good for the commercial side of things apparently

The main problem is really demonstrates how incompetent the current regime has been. It also suggests that you can’t truly blame recent managers for transforming United from one of the best teams in the world to a Europa League team, it looks like they were completely hampered by the boardroom.

The report goes on to suggest the United board see signings like Aaron Wan Bissaka and Daniel James as being prime examples of this fantastic new transfer policy that will help the club to grow over the next few years.

Don’t let that distract you from the main headline here. Basically, the board of one of the world’s biggest football clubs have felt the need to put out a press release to say they won’t sign someone just for commercial purposes. No wonder they find themselves so far behind their rivals.

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