Video: Furious Newcastle fan confronts a smug looking Mike Ashley over his running of Newcastle

There aren’t many figures who can unite football fans like Mike Ashley does. Admittedly it’s for negative reasons, but I’ve yet to hear anybody say anything positive about the Newcastle United owner.

You can maybe say it’s harsh for fans to confront someone when they are trying to enjoy some sort of business meeting or catch up outside a cafe, but Ashley has probably disgraced himself enough to make it hard to feel sorry for him.

This video emerged of a frustrated fan showing their fury at Ashley over his running of the club, he just sits there with a smug grin as people with him try to move the fan on:

Ashley must be fully aware how thoroughly disliked he is by Newcastle fans so this probably isn’t the first time it’s happened, he still looks like a man who couldn’t care less what the fans think.

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