Photos: Carabao Cup Instagram account hacked after initial ‘blunder’ spotted

With the Carabao Cup action set to get back underway this week, it appears as though the competition’s Instagram account has been hacked.

As seen in the images below, there was a great deal of initial confusion as to whether or not the admin simply had made a mistake and forgotten to switch accounts before posting.

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However, other users quickly got involved and noted that the account was sending abusive messages out to people in their replies and the account was soon no longer being displayed at all.

In turn, it remains to be seen if the security issues are sorted out quickly, as Instagram users will undoubtedly hope to see updates over the course of the next two nights on the social media platform with latest scores and other content.

The incident will likely leave a few people red-faced at the FA though, as it’s pretty embarrassing for them to have to take the page down entirely while they rectify the problem.