Journalist aims huge dig at Manchester United owners for only caring about making money

For the overwhelming majority of people, football is a passion, a distraction and there to be enjoyed. We’ve seen a rise in people getting involved in football simply to make money, so when things don’t go so well on the pitch it places the owners under a lot of scrutiny.

Manchester United were always going to struggle when Sir Alex Ferguson left, he’s possibly the best manager of all time and impossible to replace. Despite that, it’s always looked like the way the club was run completely hindered the managers that followed.

A recent piece in the Evening Standard criticised the Glazers for only caring about economic growth and trying to ensure the business side of things were looked after. The writer also took to Twitter to further stick the boot in:

The recruitment at Old Trafford has been scatter-gun at best over recent years with no coherent strategy being obvious. It’s been talked about for a long time that a Director of Football should be hired, yet there doesn’t seem to be any obvious sign of one being appointed.

When you go through so many managers you need to have a consistent approach to playing style and personnel, otherwise trying to rebuild the team every three or four years will result in failure.

Glazers with Ed Woordward

The Glazer’s are good at making money, but not successful teams

You do get the impression that if somebody on the commercial side of things could be hired to bring more money into the club it would be done in an instant. So why do the Glazers not act when someone could be brought in to improve the actual football side of the club?

That’s one of many questions Man United fans want to know the answer to.