Newcastle United takeover still alive but Bin Zayed Group left angry after summer talks

The Bin Zayed Group reportedly haven’t yet given up on takeover talks for Newcastle Utd, but things appear to have soured over the summer.

The Sun reported earlier this summer that they had agreed a £350m deal to take over from Mike Ashley, but ultimately there was never any confirmation from the parties involved.

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In turn, Ashley remains at the helm for the Magpies, and there would undoubtedly have been concern amongst supporters that the deal could be dead and that the opportunity has passed them by.

However, according to the Chronicle, the Bin Zayed Group haven’t ‘gone away’ just yet, but it remains to be seen if that actually means anything in terms of being able to reach an agreement with Ashley if talks were to start up again.

“As for the Bin Zayed Group, have they gone away? the Chronicle column notes. “No is what I have been told but this summer has certainly been highly embarrassing for them and Sheikh Khaled.

“They are angry, too. I am quite sure some of that anger is at themselves in part, but also at Mike Ashley using the deal stagnating to try and change terms.”

Time will tell if the two parties can reach an agreement moving forward and complete the formalities to get the deal pushed through officially. For now though, it seems as though there will be no imminent news on a breakthrough.

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