The childish insult that saw Alvaro Morata lose his temper and get sent off ahead of derby vs Real Madrid

In some cases it’s hard to blame a player when they give in to horrible insults and lose their tempers on the pitch. Think Zinedine Zidane in the World Cup when comments were made about his family.

Alvaro Morata was shown a second yellow card against Mallorca this week after reacting badly to some words from Salva Sevilla.

You would think that there was some hideous comments made about his wife or kids that led him to lose his temper. According to The Mirror, he actually lost it because the Mallorca midfielder called him a “daddy’s boy”.

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You might be forgiven for thinking this actually happened in a children’s playground, but no, this took place in a professional game between fully grown adults. As far as I can tell Morata’s father is still alive so it’s strange he reacted so badly to this. Perhaps he should have kept his cool and responded with my Dad could batter your Dad or something similar?

The story goes on to suggest that Sevilla wanted to have it on record that his comment was about Morata being a Daddy’s boy, and he didn’t say anything about his wife or kids.


Morata got himself sent off vs Mallorca

You have to imagine that much worse things are said on the pitch so Morata needs to show a calm head and not allow himself to get drawn into reacting like this. It now means he will be banned for the huge derby vs Real Madrid this weekend.

Atletico did win the game so he didn’t harm the team there, but it does leave them without a very important player for one of the biggest games of the season. Surely Diego Simeone will be even more furious than usual.


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