The tweet that Barcelona deleted after being trolled by Roma

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Barcelona’s Twitter admin had a nightmare on Monday night as they were forced to delete a cringeworthy tweet following a negative response.

As seen in the tweet below, they attempted to make a smart quip about Lionel Messi being the ‘lead goatarist’ if he were in a band.

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Unsurprisingly, the terrible pun went down like a lead balloon, and Roma’s official account were among those to troll Barcelona over their attempt at humour.

It led to the Catalan giants deciding to delete it, but not before other Twitter users managed to grab a screenshot and shared it after it was removed to show what Roma’s response was all about.

In a day and age where smart jokes and viral tweets are what it’s all about, it’s fair to say that Barcelona failed miserably on this one and Roma’s account continue to win at life on Twitter as they do a brilliant job of not only reporting their own news, but digging out rival clubs too when they deserve it.

The pressure is certainly now on the Barca team to come back with a better effort…