“Is anyone surprised?”: These fans are furious after double standards allow Liverpool to retain Carabao Cup place

Most country’s have a League Cup competition that is seen as inferior and a bit of a joke competition. This decision certainly isn’t going to help the profile of the Carabao Cup.

The problems originally started when it emerged Liverpool had played an ineligible player during their victory over MK Dons in the last round. The BBC reported they faced being kicked out of the competition.

The problem the organisers have here is it looks like they have ignored previous decisions made in the competition. A Guardian report in 1999  confirmed West Ham and Aston Villa would replay a game after an ineligible player participated in the original fixture

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It’s now only fair to make accusations of double standards after the BBC reported Liverpool would be fined for fielding the ineligible player but the result would stand.

It really raises questions over Liverpool being given preferential treatment because they are a big club who will bring revenue to the competition. Would MK Dons have received the same punishment if the roles were reversed?

These fans took to Twitter to react and it’s fair to say they don’t seem impressed:

Of course Liverpool fans will see it completely differently. It’s a tough one because it’s hard to say if it actually made any difference to the outcome of the tie, but rules do need to be followed.

It will be fascinating to see what the punishment will be the next time something similar happens.