Incredible gesture from Real Madrid puts rival La Liga club to shame

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Some things are just so much bigger than football. Of course we all love it and follow it but it’s purely a distraction to life. Things like health matter way more than anything that happens on the pitch.

Real Madrid are fairly well known for being ruthless when it comes to business and treating players like assets rather than people, but it sounds like they’ve done the right thing here.

Santiago Canizares is best known for his time at Valencia. His shockingly blonde hair, reflex saves and missing a World Cup after dropping an aftershave bottle on his foot make him fairly unforgettable. His former club have fallen away over the past few years and it sounds like his criticism hasn’t gone down very well.

Canizares in action for Valencia
Canizares in action for Valencia

You might expect them to give him a telling off or not give him fancy seats as a punishment. Cancelling support for a project to fight children’s cancer is utterly shameful:

The tweet says the Valencia president cancelled a project to help fight children’s cancer because of his criticism of the club. Thankfully he goes on to confirm that Real Madrid have stepped in to help support the project and it still seems to be going ahead.

Perhaps there’s more to the story but it reflects very badly on Valencia. It’s entirely possible that Real have taken the opportunity to step in just for some good publicity, but if it helps to save some lives then I think we can all be okay with that.

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