Further issues with VAR in La Liga as game could be replayed over possible malfunction

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It really feel like VAR has caused more problems than it’s solved this season. It did come to the rescue for a terrible decision during the Man United vs Arsenal game last week, but that’s a rare example.

It’s had several issues in La Liga since the launch. A recent report in Marca claimed there were allegations from the Spanish FA that the VAR providers had manipulated footage to show a goal was onside when it wasn’t.

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Now it appears that another game has had it’s outcome influenced by another dodgy decision from the system. In a separate report from Marca, The Leganes president has claimed someone involved with the system told him it wasn’t working properly and failed to overturn an incorrect penalty decision against his side.

As a result, they now want the game to be replayed. You can fully understand his frustration, but they absolutely cannot allow a game to be replayed because of a dodgy decision or there will be uproar every single time something goes wrong.

VAR correctly awarded the goal to Aubameyang last week

Can you imagine the absolute chaos that would ensue if something like this happened in a Real Madrid vs Barcelona game and it led to a possible replay?

The system is clearly not fit for purpose, but replaying games when it goes wrong would set a terrible precedent.

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