“Not a ballet class for little girls”: Roma president fumes over late disallowed goal and criticises lack of VAR intervention

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Yet another weekend of football goes past with VAR being criticised for it’s over use or lack of intervention. It seems to irritate teams when it does make decisions almost as much as when referees refuse to look at something again.

Roma are the latest team to feel aggrieved after they had a late goal disallowed that would’ve given them all three points at home to Cagliari. It seems the attacking player broke the sacred rule of being anywhere remotely close to the goalkeeper while challenging for the ball.

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The Roma president criticised the match officials for not taking the chance to review the decision via VAR, but it looks like some of his other comments will land him in a bit of trouble with the authorities. Some of his comments were reported on by Football-Italia.

His opening gambit probably won’t go down that well – he said: “It’s absurd! In England, they’ll laugh at us. We are very upset, because we’ve been getting bad decisions against us for weeks now and we cannot understand it,”

Just in case that didn’t get the Italian FA’s attention, he added: “The goal disallowed at the end is ridiculous. It was contact, not a push, because this is a contact sport and not a ballet class for little girls. It is a man’s game and there is contact. ”

The authorities don’t usually take kindly to people criticising the referees so you imagine some sort of action will be taken after those comments. Roma expect to win games like these at home, but they can’t just blame everything on the ref for not getting the job done.