Reports suggest Liverpool won’t see almost £80m of the money Barcelona still owe for Coutinho

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It’s easy to get caught up with the headline figure of a transfer fee and forget the club won’t see all of it at once, if at all. Especially with the larger transfers, they tend to include a ton of clauses or performance related payments.

Coutinho was certainly a fantastic player for Liverpool, but he clearly wanted to move to Barcelona so the fee of £142m reported by The Guardian at the time seemed like a great deal for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

It certainly looks like a bad bit of business from Barca’s side, the Brazilian didn’t truly get going and was eventually moved on to Bayern Munich.

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It’s not all fantastic for Liverpool fans, as The Mirror has reported on the money still owed by Barcelona and how Liverpool wont see most of it. They claim that £84m is still due to be paid by the Spanish giants, but the majority of that will be sent to a third party lender and not the club.

As a result, they go on to suggest that Liverpool will only receive around £4.5m more from Barcelona for the Brazilian. It’s a bit of a bizarre one because you would expect Liverpool to see all of that money, but clearly that isn’t the case here.

It also suggests why Liverpool weren’t overly active in the transfer market this Summer. To be fair the squad is already fantastic and looks unstoppable this season, so it’s hard to tell exactly where they have an obvious weakness that needs to be improved.

You have to think the club knew this all along so it won’t be a shock to them, but it’s still an interesting revelation to come out years after the transfer happened.


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