Keeping Football Fans Entertained Past the 55-Minute Mark

You may be wondering where these strange football fans are who only watch games that last 55 minutes. That’s a weird amount of time, isn’t it? Of course, there aren’t actually 55-minute games, but that’s the amount of action that viewers of the beautiful game are treated to on average according to an article on It found that the average Premier League match is 96.4 minutes long but the ball is only in play for 55.6 minutes of that time. And that’s not even taking the half-time breaks into consideration. Due to this, many spectators find it useful to have some football-based action occurring simultaneously on a separate screen.

Console Games

It is hard to concentrate on a real-life game of football while playing console games at the same time, but it can be done on a separate screen if a match is particularly dull. However, this type of gameplay is best reserved for pre and post-match occasions, and during the half time break. If watching football with a friend, it’s a great idea to play out the match you are about to watch to see if you can successfully predict what the final result will be.

With the new football season well underway and the transfer window closed, the major console offerings have now been released. FIFA 20 and eFootball PES 2020 are now on the market, and both have been met with praise from various review sites.  The EA sports offering has been lauded for its addition of the new Volta mode, which has brought about some much-needed variety to the gameplay, explains It has been criticised, however, for its annoying cut scenes in career mode, as well as some instances of unrealistic physics.

This year, it seems as though FIFA’s rival is generally considered the better game. PES could well be the game with the superior playing experience, providing more realism, graphics, and animations. FIFA is the preferred choice for people who want all the correct team names, kits, and licenses, aside from Juventus who PES have the exclusive rights for.

Mobile Games

Console offerings are a great option when it comes to half time breaks, but for some pick-up-and-play style gaming, mobile games are many fans’ go-to. The ease-of-play with many titles allows for playing in short bursts.

Some of the most popular football games for smartphones and tablets are casino titles and slots, as they can be the perfect antidote if the match on television is too dull. Football is also one of the most popular themes for iGaming titles, with Football: Champions Cup from NetEnt and Football Star by Microgaming being some of the most-visited games. Both of these are available to play at LeoVegas, where players can also receive 122 free spins as a welcome bonus, according to

Another well-loved football-themed mobile game is Score Hero! from First Touch Games. Players have to draw lines on the screen to send the football in a particular direction. They need to pass the ball and score goals in a certain number of moves. The online leaderboard means that players can compete alongside friends to see who can reach the highest level. Other games such as Football Manager, are easy to play without having to pay too much attention.

Live Streams of other Games

If gaming isn’t your thing, you could always just choose to stream some other football games at the same time as watching your favourite team. With all the various devices available, this is becoming easier than ever before. You could watch a Premier League match on your TV while simultaneously streaming a Scottish Premiership match on your Laptop. While both of these matches are going on, you may even be able to get a Championship game on your phone.

Of course, there are other major leagues to consider as well. A lot of English football fans like to keep up to date with Serie A and La Liga. It’s nice to check out Lionel Messi’s brilliance from time to time on sites like

Fortunately, there are now ways to stream all of these events online. One of the best sites around for this is Live Soccer TV, which is available in a number of different languages. It also features football news and match reports. The fact that it can be accessed via Android or iOS devices means that it can be used by anyone, from anywhere with an internet connection.

While it may be difficult to physically kick a ball around while watching a game on the TV, there are numerous football-based entertainment options to keep fans entertained when the action dies down. All of these things can be enjoyed with friends as well, which helps to enhance the overall experience on a Saturday afternoon.