Video: Fan ridicules Danny Mills after former player’s ignorant comments on Jurgen Klopp

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We all know that talk radio stations need callers and listeners to survive, so often the best way to fuel that is to be controversial to try and garner some interest.

That doesn’t mean the “pundits” who appear on those shows can use that as an excuse to be utterly ignorant and ill informed. In case anbody missed it, HITC reported on some comments made by Danny Mills about Jurgen Klopp. Essentially he was trying to claim winning the Champions League wasn’t enough and he can’t be considered a success.

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I would be astonished if any level minded Liverpool fan genuinely wanted anybody else in charge instead of Klopp right now.

Fantastically, a caller on Talksport took Mills to task over his comments and ridiculed him:

It’s brilliant because sometimes you don’t even need to say much to expose someone for the idiot that they are. The laugh after Mills said the League Cup is priceless.

When you consider Liverpool are champions of Europe and look on track to win the Premier League, i’m guessing their fans will be pretty happy with what they have.

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