“He has already chosen another club”: Jose Mourinho turns down Lyon job amid suggestion he’s agreed to take a job

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There must come a point when a manager fails so much that teams don’t want them anymore. You can live off past glories for a while, but eventually all that will be remembered is repeated failures.

Jose Mourinho has been in high demand despite being sacked at Chelsea, Man United and Real Madrid over the past few years. He still seems to have that aura that makes him an attractive proposition for clubs looking for a bit of discipline.

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The Lyon job could have been perfect for him, but this tweet shows he turned the job down for intriguing reasons:

It really does beg the question – which club has he chosen to take over? Because of his reputation there can only be a handful of clubs that he would realistically consider and who would give him the resources to build his team.

Spurs and Real Madrid seem the most obvious destinations, but neither side seems on the verge of sacking their managers right now, despite poor starts to the season.

Where will he end up?

A sensational return to Old Trafford would be mind blowing on so many levels, but it just wouldn’t make send for United to actually take him back.

It remains to be seen if he’s actually agreed to take a job, or if he’s been sounded out and just needs to wait about for someone to get sacked so he can swoop in. If the Lyon claims are true, then expect to hear a lot more about this soon.



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