Man United squad completely lacks togetherness after embarrassing reaction to bonding efforts

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Another day, yet more stories about Man United being in complete disarray. It’s plainly obvious for anybody to see that things are not going well on the pitch, so the need for a tight team bond is bigger now than ever before.

When a team is struggling it will always help to appease the fans a bit if you get the impression that the players are working hard for each other, it gives you hope that things will change.

It sounds like Man United fans shouldn’t hold their breaths there after ESPN reported only five players turned up for a team bonding meal arranged by ” a senior player”. It looks even worse when they go on to suggest that two of those players were younger players who presumably don’t feature much in the team.

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It really does give you an idea as to how big the task is for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to turn this around. The players play like absolute strangers on the pitch, they look short of confidence and there’s no obvious sign they are working hard for each other.

The loss against Newcastle looked like a team who wanted to try and pass responsibility on to anybody else with nobody looking capable of taking control of the game and driving the team forward.

ole gunnar solskjaer
Will he get time to turn it around?

It’s a very worrying sign for the fans and it makes you wonder what it will take to change things. It does sound like either a change in manager or an overhaul of the squad is required. It just remains to be seen if the board have the patience and finances to let Solskjaer oversee the necessary rebuild.

A new manager might look like a quick fix, but it will mean ripping up the previous work done and starting all over again.