Gazza found not guilty of sexual assault after four day trial

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There are some players where it’s just plainly obvious they don’t know how to live without football. It seems like Paul Gascoigne has had a troubled life and football managed to provide him a distraction for a while.

Now he’s retired, he’s been in the news so many times for a variety of sad stories which just scream out that he needs help and clearly doesn’t know what to do with himself now his time as a footballer is over.

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His fame is probably causing more problems because anything he does is reported in the press due to his status and former hero status among football fans in England.

He does come across as a likable guy but some details reported by the BBC during his recent trial for sexual assault do put that in question. Clearly his legal team managed to convince the jury he was simply trying to be a good person after he was found not guilty of sexual assault after a four day trial:

It seems the allegations against him were that he forcible tried to kiss a woman on a train, he claims he was just trying to “boost her confidence” according to the BBC report.

It’s another unsavoury story from his post playing career, but it will surely be a relief to him to hear the verdict from the court.

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