Premier League Boxing Day fixtures announced: Full festive schedule for Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and co.

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The full list of Premier League fixtures for the festive period has been formalised ahead of Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and other surrounding match-days around Christmas.

See below for a full list and schedule for when the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City are in action:

Tuesday December 3 

19:30 Crystal Palace v AFC Bournemouth (Amazon Prime Sport)

20:15 Burnley v Man City (Amazon Prime Sport)

Wednesday December 4 

19:30 Chelsea v Aston Villa (Amazon Prime Sport)

19:30 Leicester v Watford (Amazon Prime Sport)

19:30 Man Utd v Spurs (Amazon Prime Sport)

19:30 Southampton v Norwich (Amazon Prime Sport)

19:30 Wolves v West Ham (Amazon Prime Sport)

20:15 Liverpool v Everton (Amazon Prime Sport)

Thursday December 5 

19:30 Sheff Utd v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Sport)

20:15 Arsenal v Brighton (Amazon Prime Sport)

Saturday December 7 

12:30 Everton v Chelsea (BT Sport)

17:30 Man City v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Sunday December 8 

14:00 Aston Villa v Leicester (Sky Sports)

14:00 Newcastle v Southampton*

14:00 Norwich v Sheff Utd*

16:30 Brighton v Wolves (Sky Sports) *After Sheffield Utd v Newcastle moved to 5 Dec

Monday December 9 

20:00 West Ham v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Saturday December 14 

12:30 Liverpool v Watford (BT Sport)

17:30 Southampton v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday December 15 

14:00 Man Utd v Everton (Sky Sports)

14:00 Wolves v Spurs*

16:30 Arsenal v Man City (Sky Sports) *Due to Wolves’ participation in UEFA Europa League

Monday December 16

20:00 Crystal Palace v Brighton (Sky Sports)

Saturday December 21 

12:30 Everton v Arsenal (BT Sport)

17:30 Man City v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Sunday December 22 

14:00 Watford v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

16:30 Spurs v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Thursday December 26 

12:30 Spurs v Brighton (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 Aston Villa v Norwich (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 Chelsea v Southampton (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 Crystal Palace v West Ham (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 Everton v Burnley (Amazon Prime Sport)

15:00 Sheff Utd v Watford (Amazon Prime Sport)

17:30 Man Utd v Newcastle (Amazon Prime Sport)

20:00 Leicester v Liverpool (Amazon Prime Sport)

Friday December 27 

19:45 Wolves v Man City (Amazon Prime Sport)

Saturday December 28 

12:30 Brighton v AFC Bournemouth (Sky Sports)

17:30 Norwich v Spurs (Sky Sports)17:30 West Ham v Leicester*

19:45 Burnley v Man Utd (BT Sport)*After Leicester v Liverpool moved to 20:00 on 26 Dec

Sunday December 29

14:00 Arsenal v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

16:30 Liverpool v Wolves (Sky Sports)

18:00 Man City v Sheff Utd**After Wolves v Man City moved to 27 Dec

Wednesday January 1

12:30 Brighton v Chelsea (BT Sport)

12:30 Burnley v Aston Villa (BT Sport)

15:00 Newcastle v Leicester (BT Sport)

15:00 Southampton v Spurs (BT Sport)

15:00 Watford v Wolves (BT Sport)

17:30 Man City v Everton (BT Sport)

17:30 Norwich v Crystal Palace (BT Sport)

17:30 West Ham v AFC Bournemouth (BT Sport)

20:00 Arsenal v Man Utd (BT Sport)

Thursday January 2 

20:00 Liverpool v Sheff Utd (BT Sport)

Friday January 10 

20:00 Sheff Utd v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Saturday January 11 

12:30 Crystal Palace v Arsenal (BT Sport)

17:30 Spurs v Liverpool (Sky Sports)

Sunday January 12  

14:00 AFC Bournemouth v Watford (Sky Sports)

16:30 Aston Villa v Man City (Sky Sports)

Saturday January 18 

12:30 Watford v Spurs (BT Sport)

17:30 Newcastle v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

Sunday January 19  

14:00 Burnley v Leicester (Sky Sports)

16:30 Liverpool v Man Utd (Sky Sports)

Tuesday January 21 

19:30 AFC Bournemouth v Brighton*

19:30 Aston Villa v Watford*

19:30 Crystal Palace v Southampton**

19:30 Everton v Newcastle*

19:30 Sheff Utd v Man City (BT Sport)

20:15 Chelsea v Arsenal (BT Sport) *Change from 19:45 kick-off **Club agreement 

Wednesday January 22 

19:30 Leicester v West Ham (BT Sport)

19:30 Spurs v Norwich*

20:15 Man Utd v Burnley (BT Sport) *Change from 19:45 kick-off

Thursday January 23 

20:00 Wolves v Liverpool (BT Sport)