Surprising name tops recent Man United top scorer stat – shows exactly where Solskjaer’s problems lie

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You can usually twist some kind of short term stat to suit an agenda, it’s possible that somebody will have an exceptional couple of games that will skew things. When you start to look at things over a long period of time then it can show some serious patters.

It does feel like it’s open season to get the digs in at Man United, they are playing terribly and a goal looks a big ask from the team at times. That’s clearly evident when you look at the top scorer stats since April.

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The joint top scorer is none other than… Scott McTominay with a whopping three goals:

Marcus Rashford also has three goals over that period, but it’s highly unimpressive when you consider he’s a striker and also takes penalties. Daniel James has three goals since arriving and has looked impressive, but he’s also a forward player who isn’t expected to carry the team at this time.

It’s an incredibly worrying stat for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and shows exactly where the team is struggling. They don’t have a player they can rely on to score goals when things are going badly, and it’s not like they are sharing a load of goals round the team either.

Goal machine…

McTominay is a good player, he’s clever defensively and you can’t deny he puts the maximum effort in every game, but he’s miles away from being described as an attacking threat.

It’s just another reason why United need to make some attacking signings in January.

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