Huge rift in PSG squad may calm down as former teammate forgives Icardi for affair with his wife

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It’s always been the general impression that Mauro Icardi is a fantastic goalscorer but a lousy human being. It’s not clear how much of his issues come from his own personality, and how much is his wife and agent, Wanda Nara, rubbing people up the wrong way.

This story still doesn’t make him look great, but it certainly shows that his former teammate Maxi Lopez is an admirable person. The accepted sequence of events goes that Icard had an affair with Wanda, while she was married to Lopez and while they were both teammates at Sampdoria.

Just to make it worse, she’s also the mother of Lopez’s kids. To Maxi’s credit a recent report in The Sun seems to suggest that he’s forgiven Icardi for what happened.

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His comments suggest he’s probably still furious, but is just looking to put it all behind him to do what’s best for his children. the report had some comments that Lopez made to Argentine radio.

He said: “Speaking as a human being, all I want is to find a way to make my children happy, that is the only objective I have. As for everything else, that is something that already happened. I turned the page on that a while ago and it does not affect me in any way.”

It remains to be seen if these comments will be enough to try and convince some other Argentine players to come around and accept Icardi. A different story came out when he signed at PSG that the Argentine players were shunning the former Inter man because they didn’t want to upset Lionel Messi.

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Messi and Icardi warm up for Argentina

Icardi rarely features in the Argentina squad for this reason. It’s good to see that Lopez has seemingly moved on, but it certainly doesn’t sound like he will be inviting the Icardi’s over for dinner at any point soon.

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