“Spoiler alert – it’s nothing”: Fans on Twitter ridicule Amazon over choosing Spurs for their next documentary

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Sometimes a story just writes itself. Spurs have been known for having some nice moments but ultimately achieving nothing over recent years. They tend to come so close but never actually look like getting over the line.

In some ways that makes them the perfect subjects for a football documentary. We should get a good insight into what goes on behind the scenes and even get an idea as to why they always crumble at the most crucial moments.

Amazon do produce a lot of great sporting documentaries that give us a brilliant look at a team and they’re always well shot and engaging.

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The real issue is – calling a Spurs documentary “All or Nothing” is just asking for people to make fun of it. Of course Twitter obliged and pointed this out within hours of the announcement:

It was almost too easy for people to jump on board and stick the boot into Spurs. The biggest thing could be the timing of the show. In recent years we have seen Pochettino lead his team to the brink of the Premier League and the Champions League only to fall short.

This season it just looks like everything is falling apart, there’s even the impression that the Argentine could leave at some point if things don’t improve.

It should still be a great watch, just call it something different.