Video: Priceless moment elderly Liverpool fan with dementia sings YNWA using VR headset

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VR headsets are used from gaming to analysis on MNF, but this video of an elderly Liverpool fan using it has just become the best use of all.

As seen below, the fan in question is sat in the comfort of his own home and is using the VR headset when it becomes clear what it’s for.

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With the sound of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ ringing out, he begins to join in and creates a beautiful and emotional moment showing that technology has its brilliant uses for the older generation.

It would come as no surprise if it brought great joy to him to be able to imagine being at Anfield singing the famous anthem in the Kop end, and the reaction has been incredible as even fans of other clubs have replied with lovely tweets praising the whole thing.

What a great idea, and what a brilliant experience for the fan in question to be able to have that feeling again in the comfort of his armchair..