Haringey Borough walk off in FA Cup clash after player suffers alleged racist abuse

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Haringey Borough FC made the headlines yesterday as they took an admirable stand against racism by walking off in their FA Cup qualifying tie with Yeovil Town.

The non-league side, based in Tottenham, London, allege that their goalkeeper Valery Pajetat was the subject of racist abuse from a section of Yeovil fans, who hurled objects at him as well as shouting racist insults.

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Watch the video below from Sky Sports for more details as the game was officially called off:

Haringey Borough, meanwhile, also tweeted confirmation that this was why they decided to end the game as they set to put the record straight and condemn the vile behaviour of some opposition fans.

This incident follows England players suffering racist abuse from Bulgaria fans during their recent game in Sofia, though on that occasion Gareth Southgate’s side decided to play on.

However, it looks like strong action like this is needed to send a real message that racism won’t be tolerated and that the game’s authorities need to do much more to tackle the problem.