Married Premier League stars enjoying secret sex parties with escorts

A damning report has sensationally revealed that married Premier League stars are regularly enjoying themselves in secret sex parties hosted by high-class escorts.

According to an exclusive expose from the Daily Star Online, married Premier League footballers are amongst some of the celebrity elite that are regular members of secret sex parties hosted by escorts in luxurious place like yachts and palaces.

Cinderella Escorts are the agency that have told all on what some of the top-flight’s biggest stars seem to get up to away from the bright lights of Super Sunday.

The report has also exposed some of the bizarre requests and saucy extras that some of the players have asked for.

The Daily Star add that some players wish to use escorts as ‘toilets’ and others like to be humiliated by them during intercourse where the dominatrix could wear strap-ons.

We can only imagine that the very elite players are the ones making use of these services as clients must prove they have a minimum net worth of £10m, as well as pay a yearly subscription fee of £30,000 to be invited to the parties.


We wonder if we’ll hear more about this controversy in the future.

Ksenia revealed her interesting experiences with a footballer from Europe:

I have soccer players as customers who I often see at parties or who were referred to me as a Sugar Daddy.”

“I had a famous football player who likes to spoil my feet and likes to be financially exploited. He let me fly in on a private jet, paid for my shopping, massaged my feet after a long day…that was it.”

“Maybe it made him feel good that women adore him and I played an arrogant diva. I feel sorry for them sometimes, it’s almost like they live in a golden cage.”

“Most customers are very cautious because they are afraid people will talk.”

Another of Cinderella’s escorts, Anna, added that one footballer was stimulated by this:

“A soccer player wanted the three of us to use him alternatively as our toilet,”

It’s added that some of the superstar escorts can charge around £2,000 per hour or demand monthly budgets of £30,000.