“So they’ve deliberately got the decision wrong?”: These fans fume at official VAR explanation for Man United goal

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It was always interesting to see how VAR would work out in the Premier League. There were some particularly poor decisions awarded by the system in other competitions and there were a lot of worries that it could ruin a lot of joy in the game.

One thing everybody thought would happen is we would see a lot more accuracy in the decisions made and the outcomes of games would be fairer because the system would result in obvious errors being cleared up.

That’s not been the case as evidenced in the Man United vs Liverpool game today. There was an obvious foul in the build up to the goal yet VAR didn’t overturn the goal. It was strange because it happened in the United half, but it was the key reason for the turnover in possession.

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The official explanation given by a Sky Sports reporter hasn’t really cleared things up either:

So it sounds like they decided it wasn’t an obvious free kick. It’s fair to say these fans have been left even more fuming after hearing that explanation:

There’s often been a call in the past for referees to come out and explain decisions in the hope it might help to show everybody what they were thinking. This is one of those situations where it’s just made things worse.