Video: Marcus Rashford pounces to put Man United in front as VAR fails to overturn foul in the build up

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There’s no doubt that VAR could be a success if there were consistent guidelines about what it should be used for and if it actually managed to pick up fouls that are pivotal to a goal being scored.

The Sky Sports commentators probably have a point about letting the actual on field referee have a look at the incident to make a decision. There’s a feeling that refs don’t want to tell each other they are wrong so the on-field official should get a chance to see it again.

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It works in the NFL and it could work here. That won’t damped United fan’s spirits as Marcus Rashford pounced to put Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side in front:

You can see it clearly in the first video that Origi gets fouled deep into the United half. You could ask how far should we go back into a move to look for fouls, but Liverpool will be annoyed at this.

It didn’t help they had a goal of their own ruled out moments afterwards due to a Mane handball. Klopp is getting more and more furious on the touchline too.