Photo: Mario Balotelli destroys camera during tantrum as he’s substituted for Brescia

Everything seemed to be going quite well for Mario Balotelli as he returned to Serie A with Brescia. He scored a nice goal against Napoli and it’s made a few people wonder if he could force his way back into the Italy squad.

Of course we were all just waiting for him to lose it at some point, and it’s finally happened.

The Sun has reported that he destroyed a camera next to the pitch after was subbed for Brescia. It looks like he throw a bit of a tantrum as he was walking off, and he booted the camera that was next to the pitch.

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The story goes on to report on some of the comments made by the owner of the camera. He states that Balotelli kicked it like a football against the advertising hoardings. The camera certainly looks pretty dented afterwards:

The camera after Balotelli had given it a good kick

The camera after Balotelli had given it a good kick

It doesn’t sound like there will be any kind of official punishment for Balotelli at this point, but the camera’s owner does say he plans on sending the bill to Brescia for getting it fixed.

The striker is probably wealthy enough to avoid being worried about that.

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