Even Dara O’Briain is taking shots at VAR after the farce during Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

The ongoing problems with VAR have now almost reached a point of denial from the authorities. If they admit fault and pulled the system half way through the season then that would be an open admission of fault, so it’s likely we will get lumbered with it for the rest of the season.

It started with players and managers venting their anger at the system, now it feels like everyone is piling in. The complains surrounding it are fairly simple – it’s still getting decisions wrong and there’s a total lack of communication with supporters.

Even famous comedians are now having a pop:

Football needs to be careful when it comes to it’s relationship with the supporters. Ticket prices are becoming extortionate so if fans feel like the game is treating them with contempt then they will stop going, and then the whole bubble will collapse.

We’ve seen in other sports like Cricket, Rugby and the NFL where refs are mic’d up and we can hear them discussing and explaining their decisions, so why can’t we have that in football?

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I’ve got an awful feeling it’s because the FA are so fearful of their incompetent referees showing themselves up and making matters even worse by getting things wrong and talking everybody through how they are arriving to the wrong conclusion.

It’s starting to look like the clamour for VAR wasn’t such a good thing after all..

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