Man City set to offer academy place to the son of a Manchester United legend

The mere fact that the potential signing of a nine year old to a professional team is a story shows you how crazy the world of transfers and football reporting has become recently.

Obviously the fact that the kid is the son of a Manchester United legend is the main reason it’s being commented on, but it does make you wonder if he’s genuinely talented or if it’s just a publicity stunt as City try to show how dominant their youth system is.

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According to The Sun, It’s Wayne Rooney’s son Kai who is set to be offered this place. It’s suggested the place will be offered once Rooney returns to English football and joins Derby County next year.

It’s an interesting one from the family point of view because the two clubs with the biggest connection to Rooney are United and Everton, so you would think he would want his son to play for one of those two.

His time at United didn’t end too well as he lost form and was eventually shipped back to Everton after losing his place in the team.


Rooney at United

It’s not clear if the offer will actually be accepted yet, but it will surely come down to the place where Rooney thinks his kid will be looked after and enjoy playing.

If he does grow up to be a great player and play for City then it’s yet another thing that will reflect badly on United, although they might have recovered their position as one of the top teams in England by that point.

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