Video: Comical overreaction from Torino player as he tries to get a bemused Cristiano Ronaldo sent off

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It was always quite painful to watch when a player would completely over exaggerate any sort of contact in an attempt to get an opposing player into trouble.

Somehow the introduction of VAR has made it even more cringe-worthy. It’s almost like the player is somehow hoping the cameras filming them are going to show some kind of alternative reality where they get poleaxed.

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Cristiano Ronaldo is no saint, he’s done his fair share of getting players sent off during his career. Even he looks a bit bemused by Armando Izzo’s attempt to con the ref in tonight’s Turin derby:

Fallon d’Floor nominee – Armando Izzo (Torino) from soccer

This is exactly the kind of thing that everybody wants eliminated from the game. It’s fairly well known in places like Argentina they sometimes find it adds to a moment if a player dives for a decisive penalty – they celebrate that – but this is just embarrassing.

It would take a brave referee to do it, but actually dishing out cards to the offenders or issuing retrospective punishments is the only way to go.

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