Premier League defender hits back with savage response to attempted fan troll on Twitter

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Social media has certainly made it easy for some “fans” to hide behind a keyboard and attempt to wind people up knowing they face zero consequences if anyone takes any offence.

Undoubtedly there will be some who think that getting a response from somebody online might even make up for their total lack of personality, but it usually leaves the attempted troll looking pretty foolish.

Most people have caught on and tend to ignore them, but it’s always beautiful to see a footballer hit back with something that shuts them right up. It might be juvenile, but it’s still mightily satisfying.

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The latest attempt saw somebody trying to wind up Bournemouth defender Steve Cook for not being a household name. It seems this came for a Leeds fan so Cook’s response was pretty good. One look at the comments in his response show most fans rejoicing at his retort:

Leeds have shown a variety of ways to throw away potential promotion in recent years. They look good under Marcelo Bielsa, but his teams have a history of burning out and he usually leaves after two years, so this could be make or break for them this season.

Cook would’ve been celebrating his team beating Man United 1-0 last night anyway, but shutting down a nobody online was just an extra little bonus.


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