Reports suggest Emery could be sacked by Arsenal if he loses to his likely replacement this weekend

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As much as we all try to say that managers need to be given as much time as possible to turn things around, sometimes it’s just better for everybody involved if they move on and let the club move in a different direction.

Unai Emery has clearly lost the confidence of the Arsenal fans and he seems like someone living on borrowed time. He keeps managing to scrape a result when he desperately needs one, but there’s nothing about his tenure that suggests he’s there for the long run.

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Obviously sacking the manager is only one half of the solution, you do need to have someone lined up that will get the fans on side but also improve things on the pitch.

The Sun are the latest to link Brendan Rodgers with the Arsenal hot seat. They recently reported that Arsenal have earmarked Rodgers as the potential replacement for emery, and they might decide to pull the trigger if Leicester beat Arsenal this weekend.

It does seem like everybody has forgotten that Brendan Rodgers always does this. He had impressive starts at Swansea, Liverpool and Celtic before it started to fall apart and he ran out of ideas after a couple of seasons.

Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers
The real deal or just a master bluffer?

He’s still in that impressive phase at Leicester just now, so he should jump at any kind of opportunity to return to en elite club. Everbody is high on him right now because Leicester sit in third place, but remember that Arsenal, Man United and Spurs have been awful this season.

It would be interesting to see if a loss this weekend would lead to Emery finally being given the boot. It will be even more interesting to see if Rodgers can manage to break his regular cycle he’s shown at every club so far, or if he’s purely managed to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes yet again.

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