Talks scheduled: Wenger to Bayern BACK ON as former Arsenal manager reveals talks arranged for next week

It’s so easy to forget that Arsene Wenger was once the manager of a magnificent Arsenal side, one that went a whole season unbeaten and would regularly challenge for the Premier League title.

His time at Arsenal had a sad end as he was eventually forced out of the club. He did a good job constantly rebuilding a team and rarely had the money to make the signings to keep up with Man United, Man City and Chelsea.

That’s why is would be fantastic to see him given another chance to go out on top. His reputation took a hit in his final years at Arsenal, so a chance to win trophies with Bayern would be ideal for him.

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101 Great goals reported on some comments he made to beIN Sports, and it sounds like it’s a possibility. The report does suggest that it looked like he wouldn’t be getting the job, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Speaking about holding talks with Bayern, Wenger said the following:

“On Wednesday afternoon, Rummenigge called me, I could not answer at that moment, by politeness, I called him back. We talked for four to five minutes maximum, and he told me they had assigned Flick to be the coach, he will manage the two next games, because they will play Dortmund tomorrow.”

He went on to add: “He asked me if I would be interested because they are looking for a coach. I told him “I haven’t thought about it, I need some time to have a think about it. We decided together we will talks next week because I am in Doha until Sunday night. This is the true story.”

Is it time for a big return to management?

Is it time for a big return to management?

It’s rare to hear someone come out and be so up front about a situation like this and let everyone know that talks have been scheduled.

It’s still not clear if Bayern would see him as a long term choice or would only want him as a caretaker for the season, but it’s an opportunity he must take if it’s offered to him.

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