Chelsea star Michy Batshuayi makes huge dig at EA Sports for constant Fifa 20 failings

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It’s pretty much common knowledge that EA Sports have completely phoned in their recent iterations of games like Fifa and Madden. They’ve faced a lot of criticism but keep plodding on because they know people still buy the games.

It seems that professional players enjoy playing as themselves when they aren’t playing in real life, so it’s probably a good idea to keep them on side to get some positive PR.

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EA Sports make a lot of their money through their “Ultimate Team” mode which somehow convinces fools to drop incredible amounts of money on loot boxes on top of actually buying the game. Their servers have been awful for years and completely ruin the experience for some players.

It appears they now have a famous detractor as Chelsea star Michy Batshuayi took to Twitter to criticise the company:

Obviously nothing will really change if they keep making money with the minimum effort, there’s no incentive for anything to change.

If more high profile names start speaking out then it might spark some kind of change. The morals are questionable anyway if you charge people extra for some kind of pay to win game mode, but if it doesn’t actually work then it becomes beyond unacceptable.

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