Gazza offered the chance to appear on Strictly Come Dancing in Italy after winning court case

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It’s often forgotten that Paul Gascoigne is fondly remembered in Italy as well as England. We’ve seen so much of his life in the papers in recent years, so it’s always good to see a story written about him for good reasons.

According to The Sun, he’s been offered a chance to appear on the Italian version of Strictly Come Dancing. They go on to say the offer came after he was cleared of sexual assault in court.

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He’s remembered in Italy for his spell playing with Lazio, so it would be interesting to see how the public receive him over there.

The story goes on to suggest that he’s looking to try and rebuild his profile and would be very interested in a chance to appear on TV again.

They even go to quote “a pal” as saying it’s pretty likely that he will accept the offer. It’s not clear who they took that quote from, so it could be total nonsense, but it would be an interesting watch.

Gazza in action for England

For anyone not familiar with the format, it’s basically celebrities are paired with a professional ballroom dancer and compete by performing a variety of ballroom dances. They are judged by professional judges and the public, so it could give him an idea how popular he actually is.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, so it seems to be a case of watch this space for now.

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