Soccer Betting Online: How To Get Started

Due to the prospects of easy money, lots of people get into online soccer betting without having a clue of what they’re doing. Nonetheless, soccer betting is an exciting experience, and it presents genuine opportunities to make money. However, most people end up making losses as they don’t take the time to understand the basics before getting started. 

This online soccer betting guide details all the initial steps you must take before you wager your first bet at Betway. You’ll also get some advice and tips to help you master soccer betting online.

Why Bet On Soccer Online?

As the most popular sport in the globe, soccer accounts for over 70% of all the bets placed on online bookies. That’s not surprising, considering that it can be a lot of fun and potentially profitable. Here are other reasons why you may consider betting on soccer:

  • Lots of betting opportunities unlike other sports
  • Wide variety of wager/betting markets
  • The data is readily available in large volumes, making it easy to research teams and games
  • Low margin at bookies since the industry is highly competitive

How to Bet on Soccer Online

While your football knowledge forms a strong basis for your choices, there are some fundamental aspects you must learn before you can place bets. These aspects can be summarized by these three steps:


  • Allocate a bankroll


Allocating a bankroll for Betway soccer betting is an easy first step that involves choosing the amount of cash you’re comfortable losing. It doesn’t mean you’ll always lose your bets, but there’s a high chance of losing money compared to winning. You’ll also need to learn how to manage your bankroll and use a proper staking plan for long-term success.


  • Set some goals


Though setting goals is not crucial to the process, it’s advisable to do it. That gives you something to look forward to, making it an excellent way to assess your progress. At the least, you should decide whether you are betting purely for fun or long-term profits.


  • Choose where to bet


After completing the first two steps, you must know where you’re going to place your bet. For that, betway has got your needs sorted, giving you all the top soccer leagues in the world and impressive odds.

The Best Competitions to Bet On

Choosing the competitions to start betting on is a significant decision in soccer betting, and its not an easy one. Today, there are lots of options worldwide, ranging from knockout tournaments to league games. As such, you’re free to bet on any game you like, though its wise to focus on the games and competitions that are most familiar to you. 

As you’ll note, you stand a better chance at making informed decisions on leagues you’re most familiar with. That’s because the more you know about a competition, team or its players, the more accurate your predictions will be.

Top Soccer Betting Tips for Beginners

If you dive into soccer betting without the right information, you can be sure you’re set up to fail and lose your money. Check out these top tips to mitigate loses and breakeven:

  • Learn how to identify value using the odds and only bet on outcomes with a positive value.
  • Assess all the potential outcomes in a soccer game before choosing the best.
  • Analyze the soccer players on each team.
  • Bet with your head according to the information you have and not based on instincts.