Photo: Spanish paper Marca launches FURIOUS dig at Gareth Bale for being disrespectful

If anyone needed any confirmation that Gareth Bale is much more committed to his country than his club, then the recent win over Hungary should do it.

Bale was pictured with a Wales flag after the game which read “Wales, golf ,Madrid – in that order”. The Spanish press have done everything to try and criticise him in recent months so Bale is well within his rights to have a pop.

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Only it seems that Marca doesn’t agree. This image of their upcoming front page shows they are not impressed with Bale at all:

Their headline reads “Disrespectful, wrong, ungrateful – in that order”. It’s ironic that the very paper that’s done all they can to try and drive Bale out of Madrid has taken this so badly, but it’s also not a great surprise.

No one can blame Bale for preferring playing for his country where he’s loved and clearly enjoys his football. In Madrid they just can’t wait for him to do something wrong so they can jump on it.

A lot of this is Marca’s fault, but good luck trying to get them to accept that.

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