Spanish pundit claims Cristiano Ronaldo will LEAVE Juventus if they don’t win the Champions League

You do have to wonder if Cristiano Ronaldo might be the issue when he’s being linked with yet another move. It maybe looked like he was forced out of Real Madrid after a few years, but his next move could be down to his actions.

It was always going to be interesting to see how Ronaldo reacted to being subbed early on in the second half against AC Milan. He stormed off down the tunnel and left the ground early, so it’s clear that relations are stretched.

This could mean he might finally find his way back to Manchester. The Sun has reported on some claims made by Spanish journalist Eduardo Inda on a TV show. He made some comments about Ronaldo’s future and it suggests another move looks pretty likely.

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He said: “Cristiano Ronaldo could leave Juventus at the end of the current season if they do not win the Champions League. He went to Turin to try and win the Champions League with a third different club but things are getting complicated.”

He went on to add: “Juventus want to sign Pogba and Mbappe. I think it is going to be difficult for them, especially the second one. Due to the salary limits, if they want to sign these players they would have to allow for Ronaldo’s exit from the club so it is becoming a very likely outcome.”

Juve have won most of their games this season, but their performances haven’t been as dominant as we’ve seen in recent years. They tend to scrape through games and rely on late winners.

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United

Ronaldo during his spell at Old Trafford

It could even be the best thing for both parties. Paulo Dybala has proven himself to be a game changer so letting Ronaldo leave would give the Argentine the chance to establish himself as a key member of the team.

While Ronaldo wouldn’t fit into the profile of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s recent signings, he should give the team an obvious focal point and would help to drag them to victory when they struggle. The current United side looks fragile when things start to go wrong, so Ronaldo would raise standards and demand the team try to win every game.

It would be a bold move for Juventus to move on from their marquee signing this quickly, but if his relationship with the club continues to deteriorate then it might become inevitable.


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