Luis Suarez gives his verdict on whether Liverpool will slip in Premier League title hunt.

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It would be fascinating and possibly disturbing to know what Luis Suarez is thinking at the best of times, but it would be particularly interesting to know exactly what was going through his mind as Barcelona threw away their hopes of a Champions League final at Anfield last season.

It’s probably still fair to say he made the correct choice in moving to Barcelona. Liverpool weren’t the team they are now when he left and he had worn out his welcome in the Premier League. His history at Anfield does mean he will always be asked about Liverpool whenever he gives a lengthy interview.

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A recent report from ESPN revealed some of his comments about a possible transfer, but also on what he thought about Liverpool’s chances of winning the league. They looked destined to win it during his time there until “that” slip from Steven Gerrard led to them throwing it away.

It seems he still isn’t completely convinced it’s a forgone conclusion as he said the following:

“Winning the Premier League is difficult because the season is very long. But they have a nice advantage at the moment and with this current Liverpool side, it’s complicated [to imagine] them letting that slip. But we all know how football is. They had a similar advantage at one stage last season and, in the end, Manchester City won the league.”

He even goes on to suggest it might have been a better achievement if they won it back in his time with the club. He added: “We were close to winning the league at Liverpool with young players. We almost managed it without the budget they have today. Given everything Liverpool are now, to have won it then would have had more merit.”

Gerrard slip
The Gerrard slip

It’s interesting that he uses the expression about them “letting it slip” but that may just be a coincidence. It does still sound like there’s some bitterness on his part but it’s not like he has any reason to be angry at Liverpool – they stood by him despite his racist and biting antics.

Despite his comments, it’s difficult to see Liverpool throwing it away this time…


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