Video: Cringey moment as Sky Sports confuse picture of two Chelsea stars

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It’s not completely uncommon for a TV show to make a mistake with their graphics, you just hope there isn’t anything a bit more sinister behind this.

Sky Sports – The Debate, is a bit of a nonsense anyway. It’s mainly just out of work managers or former players trying to offer some kind of controversial opinion about something when there isn’t one.

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It’s been noticed in a recent episode that they were talking about Tammy Abraham, only the graphic that came up was someone else:

For anyone not familiar with the Chelsea players, that image that comes up is actually Callum Hudson-Odoi rather than Abraham. they don’t even look remotely similar and it was picked up by some viewers as well:

Hopefully it’s purely a case of an innocent mistake rather than anything else, but it’s a bit of a shocker from Sky Sports.

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