Video: “Biggest cheat in the league”: These fans react to Sadio Mane dive vs Napoli

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It’s usually hard to tell if something is a dive when it’s viewed in slow motion. It can make any contact seem minimal and the reaction from the player more ridiculous.

Jurgen Klopp has already picked up a booking for his furious reactions in this game, and he didn’t seem too pleased about this either.

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In fairness, it does look like Sadio Mane goes down very easily:

There is a slight touch on him, but it’s nowhere near enough to justify that kind of tumble. These fans took to Twitter to show their anger with the Liverpool man:

It’s noticeable that it’s fans of other teams who seem to be having a go at him, but something needs to be done about players going down too easily like this. Unless they start getting booked, it will continue.

You would also think that VAR would be on hand to overturn any decisions where a dive leads to a penalty, but we’ve seen the system is reluctant to overturn decisions at times.

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