“Sounded a bit delusional”: John Hartson SLAMS Unai Emery after the latest defeat

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Oh Unai Emery, this has to be the end right? If we look at the bare facts, the team is playing badly and producing awful results, while the fans have completely lost the motivation to even attend games any more.

You can hardly blame them. Over the course of this decade they’ve been reduced from one of the best teams in the country to a fairly average Europa League outfit. Yes they have a big new stadium, but that doesn’t make up for it.

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It’s almost like everyone would have more respect for Emery if he just admitted his failings and stepped down. Instead he’s tried to defend another dreadful showing. John Hartson sounds like he’s had enough and called him out. These comments were Tweeted by AFCstuff:

Hartson has never been one to mince his words, but that’s a damning indictment for the Spaniard.

It’s hard to see how he will emerge from the whole situation with any kind of credit. He’s not going to win the fans back round, too much damage has been done and he doesn’t have the time to do it. It also looks like the players have stopped playing for him too.

The longer he tries to cling on, it will just make it harder for him to find another job after this. The footballing world is aware of how bad a job he’s doing, so it’s unlikely that any top clubs will take him after this.

He needs to rebuild his reputation, but first he needs to do something to prevent it from being damaged beyond repair. The only way to do that is to leave Arsenal, and leaving through his own choice will get him some respectability back.