Picture: Wales use Gareth Bale’s infamous flag to announce their Euro 2020 fixtures

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There comes a point with this type of thing when it stops being funny and just becomes incredibly tedious. We haven’t got there just yet, but you can be sure this flag will have been fully exploited by the time we reach Euro 2020.

It all started with Gareth Bale’s “Wales, golf, Madrid – in that order” flag that he was pictured with after Wales secured their qualification for Euro 2020. At that point it was incredibly funny, mainly because it really wound up the Spanish media.

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This front page of Marca furiously claimed Bale was “Disrepectful, wrong and Ungrateful – in that order”:

Just when we thought it had all died down, the official Welsh Twitter account produced this effort following the Euro 2020 draw:

Thankfully they included the dates of the fixtures or it could’ve turned into one giant farce again with it looking like they were ranking the fixtures by levels of difficulty.

This seems to the point where the flag has had all the exposure it can, hopefully we don’t see more attempts to force it any further.

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