Liverpool are in talks over a potential money spinning friendly next Summer

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It used to be that football had an actual off-season, where the players would get a chance to unwind and relax after a tough season.

It could be that the TV money involved in the game and the constant appetite for football from the fans has led to clubs trying to arrange as many high profile friendlies as possible. Despite that, it doesn’t matter how much money TV companies want to throw at it, any friendly is really just squad players trying to get fit and avoid injury.

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Of course it makes sense for the biggest teams to try and spread their brand, it generates more money and helps the club to grow. With so much attention and money to be made in the far-east, it means that clubs need to make the trip over there and play games to keep that going.

A report from The Athletic via Live4Liverpool has suggested that Jurgen Klopp’s team are in talks over a potentially lucrative friendly in China next Summer. It seems it would be a one off game rather than a training camp, so it should hopefully make them some money without disrupting their preparations for the season.

Could Robertson be tired after playing at the Euro’s this year?

Most of Europe’s top players should be playing in the Euro’s this Summer ( who knows, perhaps even Andy Robertson might be there..) so the players will be tired from that and will need a proper break.

That should mean that keeping their travelling to a minimum should be a priority, so it would be interesting to see how strong the Liverpool team is that travels to China, but if it’s done properly then it could be a big money spinner for the club.