“The world stands with Ozil”: These fans praise Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil for speaking out against China

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It’s been plainly obvious for years that those in charge of football have chosen money over everything else, especially morality, so there was always going to come a point where they would be forced to make a choice.

The BBC reported that China refused to broadcast yesterday’s game between Arsenal and Man City after Mesut Ozil made comments criticising China for their policies and treatment towards Uighur Muslims.

The report goes on to say that Arsenal have distanced themselves from his comments while to the shock of absolutely nobody, China’s state media has come out and said his comments are false.

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It seems the Premier League makes a lot of money from TV deals and commercial rights in China, so this could be a fascinating choice. They can decide to make a stand and act in support of the people who’s lives are allegedly being affected in China, or they can sweep it under the rug and keep taking that money.

A look at Twitter and the reactions to the BBC report do show there’s plenty of support for the Arsenal man on this one:

With so much money to be made from countries like China and the whole situation surrounding the World Cup being held in Qatar, it’s clear that money is the priority for those at the top. The real fear for many might come in the fan reaction to players like Ozil highlighting these kind of issues.

If football is seen to support such abhorrent regimes then they might keep making money from them, but support from those in more civilised countries might start to disappear.

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