China step up effort to delete Mesut Ozil as he disappears from PES 2020

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It goes without saying that the internet is a pretty big place and doesn’t forget, so it’s hard to hide the opinions and stories about one person from an entire country. That doesn’t mean that China aren’t giving it a good go.

The controversy started when Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil criticised the country for their treatment of Uighur Muslims, since then it seems they have tried to delete him from their internet as they look to hide his comments from their own citizens.

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It’s probably a separate point, but if you are unable to refute allegations and have to resort to removing every trace of an actual person from being viewed by people in a whole country, then they probably have a point.

It looks like China have stepped up their efforts even further as The BBC reported that Ozil has disappeared from PES 2020 in the country.

Unlikely to be getting a Christmas card from the Chinese government anytime soon

They also refused to broadcast the Arsenal vs Man City game that was played shortly afterwards, so it’s fair to say that Ozil isn’t that popular among those who attempt to control everything in China.

It looks like he might be leaving Arsenal in January, but a move to the Chinese Super League might be doubtful at this point. It would be incredible to see what would happen if one of their clubs did make an approach for him.


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