Opinion: CSL salary cap introduction means the Fellaini-Mourinho reunion is inevitable

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We all knew it couldn’t really last, but the Chinese Super League has had a decent run. They’ve thrown a lot of money at some big-name players, but interest and growth has been minimal.

It was hoped that the influx of high level players from abroad might help to boost the standard of the home grown players, but the Chinese national team hasn’t achieved anything of note and we haven’t seen many players make the move to Europe either.

A recent report from Sky Sports has indicated that the league is set to put a cap on the salaries of overseas players as well as a slightly lower cap for the homegrown players. It’s likely that this will reduce the number of players who want to move to the league, while existing players might be looking to leave too.

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The link between Jose Mourinho and Marouane Fellaini is an obvious one, but it’s just because it makes total sense. Mourinho showed during his spell at Man United that he enjoyed deploying the Belgian in big matches, but he could also be a game changer in certain situations too.

We’ve also seen that new managers will make cynical efforts to move away from the style of their predecessor, so what better way for Mourinho to destroy the Pochettino brand of football than placing the massive Belgian in the midfield?

Could Mourinho be reunited with his old favourite?

It would be a surprise if Spurs threw a lot of money around in January, while the Chinese situation should mean that he’s available for a reduced price or even a free, so this could play straight into Mourinho’s hands.

There’s also a successful example from recent Spurs history that shows Fellaini could be a useful addition. There were times last season were Spurs abandoned their approach and just lumped it up to Fernando Llorente, so Fellaini would provide that option when needed.

A Llorente-style option could make sense

Mourinho’s managerial history shows that he loves to bring in players he knows he can rely on, so Spurs fans may need to brace themselves for Marouane Fellaini to join the club next month.

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