Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his future career plans after football

There seems to be two distinct groups of footballers when it comes to retirement. Some haven’t earned enough from the game so they need to retrain and find a new career, while some have earned so much money that they can just do what they want.

Cristiano Ronaldo definitely falls into that second category. You have to think that he’s earned enough in his career that he will never have to work again, but it sounds like he won’t be disappearing from the public eye if he gets his way.

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In fairness it doesn’t sound like he plans to retire any time soon, but a report from AS has given us a clear idea of what he has planned next.

They quote the Juventus star in saying that he would like to go into acting and appear in a movie. He also says he wants to continue his studies, but the acting thing could be interesting.

cristiano ronaldo

Next stop Hollywood?

It doesn’t just sound like a cameo appearance either. It’s not completely clear what genre he has in mind, but the way he’s talking it sounds like he wants a lead role.

He certainly has the star power to make him attractive to any potential directors, it just remains to be seen if he has the talent to make it on the silver screen.

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